Just put the finishing touches on Tarot Card Shirts

We have just finished putting the finishing touches on our latest site:


Tarot Card Shirts

Tarot Card Shirts

Now you can get your shirt printed with any of the Tarot Cards you want.   We can also print out a custom reading of any cards you want.   One of the shirts we think will become the most popular is the Lovers Card shirt with custom names put on them.  We are also going to start coming up with a couple of stock 3 card readings that could become popular.  Something along the lines of “Fool For Love”, “You will be successful in business” or maybe even a couple of “Bad Reading” shirts that won’t reveal the future the wearer wanted.

Thought Bubble Shirts Coming Soon

We have just purchased the domain name ThoughtBubbleShirts.com.  We are kind of behind on developing the sites so we might not get this one up for a while.  These shirts will basically have a “Thought Bubble” graphic coming from your head and will show what you are thinking.  We will probably come up with a couple of samples with something like “I am so much better than you”, “I’m the hottest chick here” and silly things like that.

Redesign Of QR Code Shirts Finally Finished

We have just finished the redesign of one of our most popular custom shirt websites:


QR Codes are becoming more popular in the United States.  Now is your chance to be ahead of the curve and start promoting your business with the newest technology before everybody else does.  We will change any text you want into a QR Code and custom print it on a shirt for you.  We can create a code with your business information or even a direct link to any website you want.

Cowhead playing for me on Sporcle

Watch the video before reading the rest below:

So, after they go off the air I’m still on hold.  I am a custom shirt printer and I am thinking up this idea for a really cool pair of matching shirts I’m going to give Cowhead and Spanish.  After about 1 minute on hold Spanish picks up the line and says, “Sorry Dennis, you didn’t win”.

In a little bit of shock, I answered, “Yes I did, he picked me at the beginning”.  Spanish answered something like, “No he didn’t, he picked line 3″.  Spanish was very nice and professional, but he hung up on me.  I don’t blame him.

So I called my brother, who is also a listener, and asked if he just heard the show.  I wanted to make sure I was right before I called back.  He didn’t hear it, so I called back.

Spanish answered again.  I said something like, “Hey Spanish, this is Dennis again.  Cowhead really picked me for the contest.  He actually said Dennis, not line 3″.  Spanish answered back, “Somebody wrote down line 3, so that is what I have to go with”.  I asked if there was any way they could go back and listen to make sure.  He said they couldn’t do it until next hour.  I kind of got the idea they weren’t going to do it, which is understandable, it’s just a simple radio game show.  It didn’t cost me any money or time.

So then I asked him, “Were Def Leppard tickets even available?”.  That is all I would probably drive up to Tampa from Fort Myers to see.  He said they weren’t.  So I thanked him and hung up the phone.  I would also have driven to Orlando to see Bon Jovi.  It’s kind of funny, I got through about 2 weeks ago and Galvin chose my name for Sporcle.  He got off to a 2-0-0 lead and a 3-1-1 lead but fell apart on the home stretch.  I was actually going to pick Dinah to play for me because she has won the last 2 games and she was the last person picked both times.  I also knew the Casey Anthony picture answer last week but didn’t know how to give the answer over Twitter.

Like I said, no blood, no foul.  Cowhead had a lot on his mind with the pictures of Bubba’s wife, the Charlie Sheen voicemail situation and the lady that wanted to talk about vibrators.  Spanish was very nice the whole time and I hope I was also.  If I knew the Def Leppard tickets weren’t available I wouldn’t have played anyway because I wouldn’t have been able to win for another 30 days.

Hopefully I’ll win tickets another time.  Maybe I’ll win a contest and get to take April Macie to the concert.  As long as I don’t have to get tazered in the nuts or have to pull the tickets out of Medicine Man’s ass crack with my teeth.

Hmm, maybe I should call The Dom.

I just made this video because I was very bored and wanted to try out some new software.  I’m still a big fan and will still listen and try to win.  I watch CowheadTV whenever I’m at the computer and he is on.  I was going to put some pictures of Spanish in the video but I couldn’t find any.

Now I have a funny story I can tell everyone.  No hard feelings.


During the rest of the show Cowhead “teased” they were going to do “I Hate” on the next day’s show.  I was going to call the show and say, “I hate that yesterday you picked me for Sporcle and won, then gave the prize to someone else”.  Then I thought he would say something like “Prove It” and I was going to give him this website to watch the video.

To my complete surprise it seems like Spanish actually went through the tape of the game and realized a mistake had been made.  He must have told Cowhead about it because Cowhead brought it up at the beginning of today’s game of Sporcle.  After they talked about it they asked me to call in, so I did during the next break.  They brought me on the air and we joked about it.  I trimmed 2 clips into 1 below so you will “hear” the skip between the 2 segments.  It’s a little over 3 minutes if you are interested in hearing it.


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