Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you offer FULL COLOR printing with no screen charges at such a low price?

A. Because we aren’t screen printers.  We use the newest technology in garment printing, a digital garment printer.  It doesn’t require screens.  It’s like a BIG ink jet printer that prints on shirts instead of paper.  It costs about $25,000 and weighs almost 250 pounds, is 4′ x 3′ and uses VERY EXPENSIVE INK.

2. How do we ship shirts?

A. Most shirts are shipped USPS First Class or Priority Mail depending on the distance and weight.  Larger bulk orders are shipped by USPS, UPS, or FEDEX depending on the best price for distance and weight. We are located in South Florida so shipping to the West Coast will take a few extra days. We try to ship all orders within 2 business days of receipt of order.

3. Why do we use Gildan And Anvil Shirts?

A. Because they provide the best quality at the best price. We were thinking of using Hanes but they were more expensive for the same quality shirt. We figured the extra cost must be for the Michael Jordan and Charlie Sheen salaries for the commercials. We also get better pricing if we buy in bulk in one style.

4. Why don’t we print on black shirts yet?

A. Printing light colors on dark shirts is A LOT BIGGER PROCESS than printing on white shirts. To print on a dark shirt you first have to pre-treat the shirt with a “special solution” then lay down a layer of white, dry it, then print the graphic. It triples the time and cost to make a shirt and would require a much higher selling price. We also decided we don’t want to try to “sell everything under the sun to everyone in the world” and have decided to specialize in white and lighter colored shirts.

Another factor was the storage requirements. We don’t have the space to stock every size of every color. We could rent storage space somewhere but we would have to raise the price of the shirts to pay for the storage.

5. Can you print on other colored shirts besides black?

A. YES.  Our digital garment printing equipment uses a water based ink that is actually absorbed into the shirt.  This leaves a very soft feel unlike the heavy “plastic” feeling of a transfer and some screen printing inks.  However, because our ink is absorbed into the shirt and not printed as a layer on top of the shirt the ink has to be a DARKER color than the shirt.  We prefer to only print on white and light gray, light blue, pink, yellow and sand.  As long as your artwork is darker than the shirt there should be no problem.

Another limitation is our equipment does not print the color “white”.  It’s basically a large color inkjet printer like the smaller one that is sitting on the desk of your home or office.  If you are ordering a shirt other than the color white just imagine printing the same artwork on a piece of paper the same color as the shirt with your inkjet printer.  Anywhere the color white appears in your artwork the color of the shirt will show.

6. Are these something you print with an inkjet printer then iron on to a shirt?

A. NO. We purchased a $25,000 Digital Direct To Garment Printer that prints directly on to the shirt. This thing is big and heavy, over 200 pounds and 4′ x 3′ in size. You aren’t going to get the cheap brittle iron-ons that start to crack and fade after they get washed.

7. Why don’t you have the neat program that lets me upload a copy of my artwork to see it on a shirt?

A. Because it is expensive and we would have to raise the price of our shirts to pay for it. We would have to buy the program then get someone to edit it for our site. It takes more money to pay for the bandwidth for the program and pay a geek to fix it every time something goes wrong with it. We just don’t think it justifies the extra expense and don’t want to raise our shirt prices.

We are currently working on a less expensive software that will let you design the shirt online.  We hope to have it up in early March 2012.

8. What type of ink is used?

A. We use an environmentally friendly waterbased ink. It is printed directly onto the shirt like an inkjet printer and cured with a heatpress at 365 degrees.

9.  Will you drop ship to my customer?

Yes, that is really our main function.  You sell the shirt designs on your site and then order them from us and we will print and ship them to your customer.  Your customer never leaves your site.  You send the shipping address and your payment to us.  You can charge your customers whatever you want and keep the profit all to yourself.

10.  I plan on selling shirts on my site and using your drop ship service, will you keep my artwork on file so I don’t have to send it every time?

Yes, but you must have a recognizable name for each artwork file.  Just mention your name and the artwork file name in your order.