Just put the finishing touches on Tarot Card Shirts

We have just finished putting the finishing touches on our latest site:


Tarot Card Shirts

Now you can get your shirt printed with any of the Tarot Cards you want.   We can also print out a custom reading of any cards you want.   One of the shirts we think will become the [...]

Thought Bubble Shirts Coming Soon

We have just purchased the domain name ThoughtBubbleShirts.com.  We are kind of behind on developing the sites so we might not get this one up for a while.  These shirts will basically have a “Thought Bubble” graphic coming from your head and will show what you are thinking.  We will probably come up with [...]

Redesign Of QR Code Shirts Finally Finished

We have just finished the redesign of one of our most popular custom shirt websites:


QR Codes are becoming more popular in the United States.  Now is your chance to be ahead of the curve and start promoting your business with the newest technology before everybody else does.  We will change any [...]

Cowhead playing for me on Sporcle

Watch the video before reading the rest below:

So, after they go off the air I’m still on hold.  I am a custom shirt printer and I am thinking up this idea for a really cool pair of matching shirts I’m going to give Cowhead and Spanish.  After about 1 minute on hold [...]

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