Cool Shirt Of The Day Website is Relaunched

We have relaunched our Cool Shirt Of The Day website and are slowly adding new shirts to it.  We are also testing some new marketing strategies for the site.

You Know You’re From Washington Heights Custom Shirts

I just printed a shirt for a friend.  Click the pic for more information:

You Know You're From Washington Heights

Put Your Business Name On ANY “Team” Shirt With Our Newest Website, Company Team Store

Now you can have business shirts that are actually FUN to wear.  These are even something that your employees or customers might want and will wear around town and promote and advertise your business.  Be part of your business’ “Chicken Wing Eating Team”, “Foosball Team”, “Pizza Speed Eating Team” or anything else you can think of.  You can also get your name and a jersey number printed on the back.

Click the banner for more information:

Company Team Store - Fun Business Shirts

Dart Team Shirts Updated To Our Ace Of Shirts Line

One of our first sites was Dart Team Shirts .com  We are now going back to our older sites and updating them to integrate with our Ace Of Shirts line of shirts.  Our Dart Team Shirts is our first updated site.  We still have a little bit to do behind the scenes, including adding it to the Ace Of Shirts Affiliate Program.  The Pool Team Shirts .com website should be finished updating in a couple of days.

Click the image for more information on the Dart Team Shirts.

Due On Shirts Finally Launched

Even though we registered the “Due On Shirts” domain name several months ago we had a few distractions and stumbling blocks along the way.  We finally got everything straightened out and have finally launched

This site is for custom printing shirts that tell a baby’s due date, sex and name (if the mother wants) so the mother doesn’t have to answer the questions 1,000 times a day.  There are several ways to customize the shirt.  Click the banner for more information:

Due On Shirts

Fantasy Football Team Shirts Just Launched

We have just finished putting the finishing touches on our latest custom shirt site: Fantasy Footbal Team Shirts.

Here is your chance to get YOUR Fantasy Football Team Name printed on your own shirt.  We can even put your name and number on the back.

For more information just click on the banner:

New Site Just Launched: Network Marketing Shirts

We have just launched our newest site:  Network Marketing Shirts.  We created this site to allow people to promote their Network Marketing business.   We are involved in a Network Marketing company ourselves (big banner in the right hand column) and realize it’s hard to just go up and talk to people about your business.  Hopefully wearing one of the shirts will actually cause somebody to come up and ask you about the business.  We don’t have a large selection yet so we need people to give us some ideas for new designs.

Click the banner for more information:

Just put the finishing touches on my newest site: Thought Bubble Shirts

Now you can show the whole world what you are thinking, good or bad!  Click on the banner for more information

Thought Bubble Shirts

Thought Bubble Shirts

Of course you can customize your thought and the colors of everything.  You can also choose to have your thought on the front or the back.

Get ready for Algorithm and Formula Shirts

We recently pick up the domains and  These were inspired by the recent “Friend Algorithm Shirts” from The Big Bang Theory.

These shirts will required a little more thought so it will take some time to get some designs together and get the sites built.  Check back later for more information.  We have a couple more that we are currently working on.

New site added to the Ace Of Shirts line of shirts: Property Of Shirts

Here is your chance to get a really cool “Property Of” shirt for anything you want to promote.  These shirts are mostly popular with sports teams but now you can promote your own business or anything else you want.  We currently offer about 40 different fonts for you to choose from so you aren’t stuck with the old block lettering normally associated with this type of shirt.  We will print your name, logo, slogan or anything else you want to be the “Property Of”:

Custom Property Of Shirts

Custom Property Of Shirts

You of course have the option of any color printing you want, and as many colors as you want.